Collaborations • Photographer Marcus Tanner • Copy Writer Steve Giacomelli

The Album: Line up shifts led to a trio becoming a duo, which sparked an entirely new batch of songs inspired by new looping equipment and playing techniques. Conceived early on as a movie soundtrack type album to an imaginary film only showing in the theatres of inner space. Loops, drones and ghostly almost-there vocals push the album into the dream-pop side of psychedelia, creating their most haunting yet soothing album to date.

Ancient River + Stay With Me
Short Film + The Golem

Shot w/ black & white and colour Ektachchrome film using Braun Nizo camera + Written, Produced & Directed Xevi Soler + Additional Camerawork Simon Ragoonanan + Cast  Xevi Soler / Joel Pearce / Nerys Church + Soundtrack Ancient River + Additional Editing Nakia Matthewson.