Oregon Space Trail Of Doom

Label: Self-Released
Psych / Supersonic Rock
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Tour Packages // 2 Week Tour

Meet The Band

Oregon Space Trail Of Doom came to fruition in the fall of 2017 with it's origins in Cleveland, Ohio. Initially formed as a power trio, OSTOD would soon grow to feature two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer. Now with a broader scope of musical possibilities, OSTOD is able to achieve a mixture of catchy vocal melodies and unique guitar harmony. OSTOD is currently in the process of recording their debut album.

Just Announced //
Dates Coming Soon…

Jesse Denaro

Label: The Vault Records
Indie / Singer-Songwriter
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sounds like: John Mayer, Ben Howard, Noah Gundersen


Tour Packages // 2 Week Tour +
Ongoing 5 day mini tours every 2 months

Meet The Band

Jesse Denaro, a Pittsburgh-based singer/songwriter, who has been performing since he was twelve, is getting out of his own head with his forthcoming EP, Fire. After years of trying to write music under the intense pressure that often accompanies attempts to emulate the artistic practices of others, this new record sees Denaro making the music he enjoys – because that’s what he loves to do.


6/26/2019 // Columbus, OH // Rumba Cafe
 // Nashville, TN // The East Room
 // Atlanta, GA // TBA
 // Asheville, NC // Highland Brewery


Label: Self-Released
Genre: Pop / Singer-Songwriter
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Influences: Daft Punk, Harry Styles, Lady Gaga

Tour Package // 5 Show Package

Meet The Band

Portland musician, Ryan VanDordrecht, took time to reconnect with the music that had inspired him as a kid after writing a record full of songs which attracted producer Joe Chiccarelli (The Shins, Counting Crows) to work with him on his former band, Castella's album. With the maturity brought on by that experience, VanDordrecht set out to study some of the great records of the past to help him understand how truly great records are made. After spending a few years writing songs inspired by this period of discovery and exploration, he finally enlisted the help of friend and producer Rian Lewis (Priory, Crosstide, Ravishers) to embark on the musical journey that has become Ryan's debut record, Beast of Love.


5/10/2019 // Seattle, WA // Blue Moon
 // Reno, NV // Pignic Pub and Patio
5/23/2019 //
San Francisco, CA // Elbo Room
 // Los Angeles, CA // Redwood Bar & Grill
// Palm Springs, CA // Villa Royale


Label: Self-Released
Genre: Indie Rock
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Influences: The National, The Shins, Radiohead

Tour Package // 10 Show Package

Meet The Band

The title of the daring new EP from up and coming San Francisco-based solo artist DEWR – AKA Brian Dewar – says a lot about his progression as an artist. Unlike his previous work, which was often rife with digitally ambient layers and coats of sheers noise, Dream Pop is uncluttered. Uncomplicated. Unencumbered. It’s borne along by its own sense of urgency that psychoanalyzes its own disenchantment.


6/13/2019 // Santa Cruz, CA // The Crepe Place
// Los Angeles, CA // Harvard & Stone
// Long Beach, CA // Alex's Bar
// San Diego, CA // Til Two Club


Timothy Eerie

Label: Ghost Drag Records
Genre: Psych Pop 
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Influences: The Kinks / Cream / Pink Floyd 

Tour Package // 2 Week Tour



Label: Sloth Records
Genre: Witch Rock
Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand
Influences: The Cure / Opeth / PJ Harvey

Tour Package // 2 Week Tour


The Color Study

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Space Rock, Shoegaze
Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Influences: Wilco, Spiritualized, Flaming Lips

Tour Package // 2 Week Tour Book


Ancient River

Label: Summer Moon & Co.
Genre: Reverb-Soaked Psych Rock
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Influences: Pink Floyd / Dario Argento

Tour Packages // 6 x 4 Week Tours


The Magnavox

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Psych-Rock
Hometown: Lucas, Ohio
Influences: King Gizzard / The Black Angels

Tour Package // 2 Week Tour Book


Hidden Beams

Label: Self-Released
 Alternative Rock
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Influences: Syd Barrett / Vladimir Ussachevsky

Tour Package // 2 Week Tour Book


Strawberry Mountain

Label: Self-Released
Genre: New Wave Psychedelic Pop
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Influences: of Montreal / The Flaming Lips

Tour Package // 2 Week Tour


Jordan Sommerlad

Label: Self-Released
Genre: Indie Rock
Hometown: New York, New York
Influences: Grizzly Bear / Courtney Barnett

Tour Package // 2 Week Tour Book


Label: Blossöm Records
Genre: Avant Pop
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Influences: Alt-J / Glass Animals / The XX

Tour Package // 3 Week Tour

"We worked with Summer Moon & Co. on a 2 1/2 week tour in September 2018. They came on board at short notice to help us with the aim of filling four extra dates. In the end Nakia secured us 8 extra shows, and created a really comprehensive itinerary. The tour route SM&Co. put together was really well thought out, minimizing drive times, and allowing us a few days off. The venues were really well matched to our band, and we ended up playing with some incredible bands along the way! Nakia made everything very easy, her communication was great, and we felt really really lucky to have had such great support on our tour. A++ 13/10 would highly recommend!”

- Hex / New Zealand Band / 2018 West Coast Tour”

“…some of our favorites were LA, Long Beach, and Vegas. We made solid connections and I think we’ll get an even better footings in these cities when we revisit. It was a pleasure working with you! I hope we do it again.

- Timothy Eerie / Austin Texas Band / 2019 West Coast Tour