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Desert Stars Festival 2015

Desert Stars Festival was born out of a love for connecting musicians, artists and the community. Going back to 2007, the beginnings of our festival were and still are, humble, green, naive and yet full of energy and optimism. Their goal has always been to create a place where like minded artists and individuals can enjoy a serene environment and have an incredible experience that is not available in a venue located within big city walls. I was asked to create a 60's Filmore inspired direction, design and branding for all the Desert Stars Festival pre-party events, including main festival promotion materials, 2015 event.

"I highly recommend working with Summer Moon & Co. They deliver stunning and highly imaginative work while equally being able to manage demanding deadlines. They foster great care and sophistication in their approach and brought a whole new level of depth and clarity to our event. I will certainly be coming back." Tommy Dietrick, Founder