A gorgeous starting point for my work was the photography that was shot in the desert by Aubury Roach. In post production I manipulated the images with layers of hand painted inks and oils in Photoshop and distorted color and light.

Austin's gorgeous, fierce and synths pulsing lady L E V and her management Eye In The Sky were looking for a synonymous execution for her single, EP and album release. L E V and Anthony (Eye In The Sky), both were after an illustrative style that is unique to my work to visually connect L E V 's sound. 


Summer Moon's work is undoubtedly top-notch. They are great at listening to what clients need and communicating throughout the whole process from initial quote, to project delivery, to final payment. It was SO refreshing to work with a designer that provides numerous options at the first draft stage, meets their deadlines and maintains a premium level of work; ALL with a smile and great spirit of collaboration. I can't recommend them enough.” 

- Anthony Erickson, Artist Manager & Eye In The Sky.