[Event] 3 July 2015 // Ancient River + Sun Blood Stories + Darling Rollercoaster, Boise, Idaho.

[Event] 3 July 2015
Summer Moon & Co. Present
Ancient River + Sun Blood Stories + Darling Rollercoaster
Crazy Horse, Boise, Idaho

Summer Moon is bring you a night of reverb soaked psychedelia from Ancient River, Sun Blood Stories & Darling Rollercoaster!

Sun Blood Stories - Boise, ID
Slow motion, day dream, drone memories, coming in a flash right before you wake up.

Darling Rollercoaster - Boise, ID
Darling Rollercoaster regularly explores a varied palette of sonic explorations, ranging from acoustic folk, to loud, noisy psychadelic drone. Every show is as different as the styles of music represented by the band. This unpredictable nature reflects a desire for fresh explorations with every performance, treating the material not as frozen capsules for individual sale, but living entities that take on a new form every time they are embodied. Darling Rollercoaster is currently recording their debut album.

Darling Rollercoaster is a band out of Boise, Idaho. Consisting of members of A Seasonal Disguise, Jumping Sharks, King Brat, and Discoma,