[Event] 15 May 2015 // Verma + Ancient River + Dead Feathers + The Red Plastic Buddha, Chicago, Illinois.

[Event] 15 May 2015
Summer Moon Presents
Verma + Ancient River + Dead Feathers + The Red Plastic Buddha
The Burlington, Chicago Illinois, $7



“...Ancient River serves a delightful mind fuck with This Is The Time! Like a bit heavier and dirtier personality of Tame Impala’s eerie fuzziness, this reverb obsessed duo enslaves with its captivating songwriting all the mystical and hazy psychedelics in a startling kaleidoscopic frame!" SOUND INJECTION

Bent equally on bristling psychedelic squall and driving motorik, Verma emerged in the wake of an experimental improvisational collective. Blending a wide range of influences from proto-metal, minimalism, electronic, space rock and drone, the group constructs and explores cinematic sonic landscapes. Verma is amoebic in nature, coexisting with the mechanical. The driving rhythm section creates a solid architecture for swirling guitars and haunting vocal melodies, all beneath a haze of sweeping synthesizers. This repetitive dervish of sound rises from dark roots to a meditative plane, at once the atmosphere of metamorphosis and cerebral introspection. 

Ascend yourself into the blanketing incense smoke and celestial grooves that is Dead Feathers. Like the Night sky, this band is noting below a breath of fresh air. With melodic female Vocals and the Fuzz driven riffs you might as well be seeing the fortune teller herself when you see this band live. This band takes hold of you and does not let you go. Dead Feathers has shared the stage with countless Chicago bands and touring bands from all over North America alike. A group heavily influenced by rock bands of the 60's and 70's and the underground Psychedelic bands of today, They are currently in the process of recording their first full length albbum and playing in venues across Chicago.

Formed in late 2005, Chicago's Red Plastic Buddha developed a sound that blends the best elements of late 60s British psychedelia with modern dynamics, alternating between swirling sonic landscapes and catchy, melody driven pop. 

The Red Plastic Buddha draw frequent comparisons to Barrett-era Pink Floyd, 13th Floor Elevators and Love, as well as neo-psychedelic masters Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dandy Warhols and The Warlocks. Live, the RPB enhance their recorded sound with a post-punk energy and their infrequent live shows have become eagerly anticipated events.