[News] Ancient River Now An ATX Band!

You can imagine our combined excitement when we just got word that the band is planning a big move to the best city in the world (Austin duh). So now an ATX band, the duo will be looking to flesh out their sound with a 3rd member while they wrap up two new albums worth of material. Very excite!
— Austin Town Hall

[Event] 5 May 2015 ⌁ The Myrrors + Ancient River + Monta At Odds

Photo by Antonio Curcetti

Photo by Antonio Curcetti

[Event] 5 May 2015
Summer Moon & Co. & KC Psych Fest Present
The Myrrors + Ancient River + Monta At Odds
Record Bar, Kansas City, Missouri

The Myrrors - Tucson, AZ
The Myrrors formed back when they were still in high school. They didn't have any musical experiences and decided to have a band and an amazing thing happened. The band self released an album and posted songs on Youtube, were they have almost half a million hits!! Certainly, there’s something mysterious about the band’s first album, “Burning Circles in the Sky,” given that it was recorded “sometime in 2008” (as stated by The Myrrors themselves), but only saw release late in 2013. And there’s something mysterious about the constant hum of activity that has defined the band in the months since “Burning Circles” was released – a hum that includes adding two more releases to their fast-growing catalog, along with an invitation to appear at “Levitation,” the 2015 incarnation of Austin Psych Fest.

Ancient River - London, UK / Austin, TX
Veterans of the psych scene, Ancient River's wall-of-sound barrage has been honed by extensive touring across the states and beyond--including appearances at Austin Psych Fest (2013-2014)Los Angeles' Psycho De Mayo (2014), and the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (2012)Ancient River now based out of London, UK and Austin, Texas, have just released their 6th album, Keeper Of The Dawn which has been quoted... 

"...like a bit heavier and dirtier personality of Tame Impala’s eerie fuzziness."

Monta At Odds - Kansas City, MO
Performs Mysterious Clouds