Sony pictures television, London Uk

Client Sony Pictures Entertainment
Where London England
Production Company Gogglebox
TV Series Release The Hounds
Art Director & Designer
Nakia Matthewson
Marketing Managers Claire Haines & Sam Sear
Copy Writers Claire Haines & Sam Sear
Director of Licensing Lindsay Pearl
Photographer  Matt Casey
Artworker James Barreto

Series brand package, key artwork, content strategy and social media campaign, for series 1 & 2 of TV horror game show Release The Hounds

Sony Pictures Entertainment's in-house production company Gogglebox, filmed a new horror game show called Release The Hounds. My role was to art direct the photo shoot on the set while they were filming, to obtain imagery for key artwork and assets for their social media campaign. I then developed a brand package for all collateral around series 1 & 2; this included licensing guidelines, brand & logo guidelines, social media campaign, licensing product designs & key artwork.

Release The Hounds is a horror game show in which contestants have to complete challenges in a dark, forested country estate to win cash. The three contestants – all close friends – climb over a wall into the estate as the sun is setting. They are looking for three keys to unlock three chests filled with bigger and bigger amounts of money. But to find each key they first have to complete a horrific challenge designed to psychologically exhaust them. Once the keys are discovered and the chests unlocked, the friends can keep the cash – but only if they can escape from the estate. One by one they attempt to get out. The trouble is, guarding the money and ready to hunt them down, is a pack of angry hounds!


"I love working with Nakia. Not only is she a wonderful talent, but she is also a lovely person full of energy and passion for what she does, and you can really see that in her work. I've worked with Nakia for 2 years, developing style guides and product concepts to assist me in selling consumer product licenses to manufacturers. Nakia doesn't only take direction very well, she is also a driving creative voice. When I struggle with the tone of a brand or a general creative vision, Nakia has the answer - and she delivers it on time. I am delighted to recommend Nakia and I do so with utmost confidence that she will continue to delight her future partners." 
LINDSEY PEARL Director of Licensing and Interactive at Sony Pictures Entertainment


Retouching and key artwork