Timothy Eerie EPK

Timothy Eerie

Artist Information

Label // Ghost Drag Records
Genre // Psych Pop 
Hometown // Austin TX
Influences // The Kinks, Cream, Pink Floyd 
Played with // La Luz, Dead Meadow, L.A. Witch,
Kikagaku Moyo, Boytoy, Las Robertas, Holy Wave 

Upcoming Shows

November 16th 2018 // Austin, Texas
Saturnalia Music Festival 2018

November 18th 2018 // Austin, Texas
Mohawk - Margin Walker Presents:
Acid Dad with BBQT & Timothy Eerie

December 5th 2018 // Orlando, Florida
Will’s Pub w/ Broncho

January 22nd 2019 // Melbourne, Florida
Open Mike’s


“It’s no accident that the name Timothy Eerie is so close to Timothy Leary , this is the aural equivalent of two tabs and a trip down the rabbit hole. The current wave of psychedelic rockers has their share of sticklers to the rules of a never fully flushed out genre; however, Timothy Eerie is more  ‘The Love Witch’ and less Woodstock . It’s true, their sound is reminiscent of a ‘Summer of Love’  geek out in a room reeking of incense and patchouli with a bevy of bare chested beauties finger painting each other; but, Timothy Eerie is firmly planted in current times and thus tongue is planted in cheek with a corresponding wink and nod.” Pure Honey Magazine

These day-glo lads have been kicking around the underground since 2015 and have made quite a name for themselves in a short period of time. Like many of the bands of this genre there has been a revolving door of players, but that only lends to the mystique of Timothy Eerie’s sound. A sound which started as bedroom recording project that has clearly moved beyond the bedroom. Originally from Orlando, Florida— now based in Austin, Texas.

Press Quotes

“And though they’re fun, this is the kind of garage psych that has a bit of an edge that can trip heavy or rise up punk, all pretty convincingly.“ Oakland Weekly

“This is one of the purest psychedelic rock songs I’ve heard in almost a year. I’m so excited about what Timothy Eerie has in store for us in the future.” LVL To The Room

“So when one emerges from practically nowhere with this kind of skill, size and aesthetic, it’s sign of something potentially very special. After what I saw on stage the other night, this is a local worth keeping an eye on.” Oakland Weekly

“A whirlwind of incandescent haze, serious guitar wailing, and bursts of towering noise, the song's shapeshifting gives it an underlying sense of not knowing what's coming next. All the decadent distortion and rowdiness make the song a most agreeable fix for psych fans.” Fuzz Logic

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